Get some needed help!
Whether you're an experienced parent or first timer, having multiples is never easy. At NVMOM, we know what you're going through and want to help relieve as many pains as we can.
Meals for New Moms

Bringing multiples home is exciting, overwhelming, and exhausting! Adjusting the new schedule can be daunting and essentials like keeping up good nutrition, while more important than ever, often fall aside! Member families are provided a complimentary meal from veteran MOMs.
New Member Support

Support is available to new members who prefer a one-on-one approach when asking questions, rather than the larger e-group forum exchange. It allows new members to take advantage of knowledge and lessons learned by connecting personally with seasoned members who have experienced similar issues. If you have questions about parenting challenges like breastfeeding, preemies, NICU,  working and raising a family, school issues, early intervention, etc., we'll connect you with members who have "been there, done that."
Buddy System

The buddy system was designed to support new and prospective members looking to learn more about membership. Through the buddy system you make new contacts and friends easily and quickly by partnering with a club member for the first several months and meetings